söndag 20 maj 2018

Cancer update,

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June Update 2018

Time flies. With all the red days in May it is now finally time for my second surgery tomorrow morning.
2 days ago we went to the hospital to do the pre-operation procedure and meet the anesthetist and doctors. Bit smaller operation this time, still removing 1/4 of the liver but this time it is a side-slice.
Physically back to normal, training load this week was 5 hours on the bike. Not as strong as in December, but the time in the saddle was back. Hopefully leading to a faster recovery from this surgery.
Been working 50% for 5 weeks, sleeping an hour in the afternoon as my mind is processing continuously. Can't stop thinking about doing this all again. Takes quite a toll on the mind. Tried to focus on other things, like cycling, the house and gaming. Played through Far Cry 5 as you guys who follow my YouTube channel probably have noticed. Also learned a new programming language called F# as you following my coding blog have seen.
So, travel to Gothenburg this evening and to the hospital in the early morning.
No Olympic games on the TV this time, but luckily Giro d'Italia.
Until next time: just do what makes you happy!

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