onsdag 21 november 2018

Bile duct cancer, prognosis

Only eight weeks to go on my chemotherapy!

Last week I had a chat with my doctor regarding the risk of cancer popping up again after the treatment is completed. The doctor told us that he did not have the numbers readily available but would look into scientific articles and talk with colleagues and would come back.

And today he called back with his findings...

No exact numbers, evidently not a question asked when it comes to bile duct cancer..
What he was able to find was that the chances for this being a one time thing outweighs the risk of it returning. So that's positive, right? Better then 50-50 at least.
The fact that the tumor was found early and that it hadn't spread to any lymph nodes speak in my favor. Had it spread to the lymph nodes, the numbers would have been a lot darker.

I actually don't know what to do with this information. I guess it is human to want to know, but then being unable to do anything with the piece of knowledge.
But I guess this is as good as a prognosis can get... And there is always a risk of backfire, should keep that in mind as well.. Not worry about it but know that it is a possibility.

So I'll be focusing on one day at a time and do the things I want. Life is short and you never know what will happen.

Why I am writing this? Not to feel sorry for myself, but as a way to handle the situation and hopefully someone else out there in a similar situation can find this helpful as well. The human body is strong and hopefully I'll come out of this stronger as well. Plan for the worst and hope for the best! If you find this post interesting, please leave a comment or share on social media, not required but appreciated!

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  1. Good luck.. I came here to read your C# OpenTK tutorial but ended up reading this somehow.. all the best

    1. Thanks for the comment! Hope you find the openTK tutorials useful!


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