fredag 8 december 2017

Brewing wheat beer with the Coobra CB25

So the other day we had our second session with the Coobra Craft Brewer 25. This time we tried out the full volume, 25 liters of wheat beer was on the menu.

The recipe:
3,5 kg Pilsner (4.5 EBC) Grain
3,5 kg Wheat (6.0 EBC) Grain
0,5 kg Cara Plus 10 (10 EBC) Grain
10 g Hallertauer 4.8% boil 60 minutes Hop
25 g Saaz 4% Boil 30 minutes Hop
15 g Saaz 4% Boil 5 minutes Hop
1 package Safbrew Wheat (DCL/Fermentis #WB-06) Yeast

Before we started, I put both the Coobra CB25 and the Coobra Sparge water heater through the cleaning procedure described in my previous post.
Once everything is cleaned up it was time to start.

This was our first attempt with wheat grain, and I decided not to taste any of the grain before we started (given that I broke my front tooth last time on a single grain.. thank god for Swedish dental care!)
As much of our beer so far has tasted similar, we also decided to try out some new hops. Especially the Saaz was a new buy. Hopefully it will turn out good.

The water pump didn't clog this time, it worked like a charm through the whole process.

When it came to boiling, we didn't have the opportunity to boil at a window (winter outside) and the CB25 is a bit too tall to fit under a standard cooking hood we ended up building some temporary steam channel out of corrugated paper. Successfully boiled away 7 liters in 1 hour, so good results.
Project for next time is to build something more lasting in steel plate, watch this spot for details ;).

Pre-fermentation tasting was promising. Just wait and see now, hopefully bottled and ready for christmas, but probably more like new years.

Cleaning the equipment

The wheat grain makes a real mess. After a normal batch it is usually no big project to clean the equipment after use, but the wheat seems to attach itself better to the surface.


Using beersmith we have estimated that the efficiency is more like 58-60% then the stated 75%. So next time we should probably try out with a lower efficiency number.

Until next time: Challenge yourself to do something new

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My current plan, 2017 December

Another month, another November is behind us...
So yesterday I added another building block to the money-maker... Last few weeks the market has kinda turned for my two companies, so this month I think that I got the bank for a nice price. Got lucky as today the Swedish banks turned up again thanks to progress in the brexit negotiations. Doing this month by month grinding it really doesn't matter as I will buy each month but it is always nice to see a bargain and be able to act on it.

Received a raise that actually made an impact this time that will be paid retroactively with my next paycheck, so next month I will be investing a bit more (or buying an adventure bike, haven't decided). The long term plan is if course to put that raise into savings and investing directly instead of using it each month.. We have been able to survive without that extra money so far and the living costs are not rising currently, so no need to spend it. Will hopefully increase the building block size each month!

Until next time, why not Stabilize your economy. Buffer and Savings

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