fredag 22 september 2017

Challenge yourself to do something new

Ask yourself: How long is it since you did something new for the first time?
For me, its 1 week. How long is it for you?

We get trapped in routine so easily that it is almost hard to think back to when something really new happened. By doing something new, you force your brain to do things that it is not used to do, and it will never be the same again! I am not a specialist, but I've seen The Arrival.
Don't just think that you are adaptable, actually put yourself in situations where you need to adapt, learn something new... Big or small doesn't matter, just that you do something new and you will progress your mind to another level.

So, ask yourself from time to time... How long is it? If it is too long, do something about it.. Find an evening class, pick up a new hobby and just enjoy life!

Until next time! Abrupt reminder of mortality

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