fredag 17 februari 2017

Update, week 4 of pulmonary embolism recovery

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Another reminder of mortality (here we go again)

Back to work then. This week at 50%, meaning I can go home at lunch and take a nap. Something that I really needed to do every day. So, I am happy that the doctor wrote 50% on this week. Next week I guess will be even harder when it goes up to 100%.

Had some real progress this week. Sat 15 minutes on the trainer on Tuesday, average speed up on 11 km/h compared to 9 the week before and 20 at the same pulse interval normally.
I.e. the limit I have on myself is less than 105 bpm and get off when it starts to feel any tiredness at all.
Normally I use this for endurance training, for at least 2 hours as current endurance level according to strava is < 113bpm. This has probably changed a little now, hence 105. But compared to normally I only manage about 15-20 minutes before I feel something, normally I could go on for hours as it doesn't put any real load on the body.
Other progress is that I don't get out of breath, but too much load causes pain.

Wednesday, went for a walk to the third road sign (about 600m) and back. Did not have to stop, had some pain afterwards so body is not OK but its on the right path.

Thursday, on the trainer again. Up on 12 km/h for 15 minutes at the given pulse interval until I start to feel a little. The feeling originates from my back around the lung area. Not pain, but tiredness, hard to describe.

So a lot of progress this week. Slowly going forward. Next week is back at work 100%, hopefully I'll manage :)

Put my beloved mountain bike on sale this week as well, so if you live in southern Sweden go have a look.

Why I write this

I don't write this to feel sorry for myself or whatever. Just to share an experience, maybe ease for someone else that has the same diagnosis. You don't have to be old to get this, I am myself 33. I've always categorized this as something to look forward to when I get older. But life is full of surprises and luckily we humans are capable of adapting :)

Until next time: Work to Live, Don’t Live to Work

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