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The grass is greener on the other side

picture of a girl taking a picture over the fence as the grass is greener on the other side

I think it is only human to think that it must be better somewhere else but here. Right? Is it based on the fact that you know the amount of work that needs to be done wherever you are right now and that it is easier to underestimate the workload elsewhere?

Currently looking at my current situation, worked at the same place for 6 years. Of course there are days when I think that things are hard, and look at the fence and think that maybe it is better on the other side? But then again, I've worked at other places and I know that there are positive and negative to be said of pretty much every job.

So, should I take a risk and jump to something new or stay and put in the workload needed to optimize the current situation. I know that a lot of people advocate a job-change every x months but I'm starting to disagree. Of course if you want a big jump in your salary that is probably the only way to go, but there is so much more to life than just money. A little strange to write that sentence on a blog focusing on investing etc, but hear me out as its not that contradictory in the end.
What I've been advocating is for people to stabilize their economy, start paying themselves first, paying off debt and start to save and invest for themselves. It has in the end not that much to do with getting rich, if that is what you want then by all means jump jobs and maximize that paycheck. But what I am after is quality of life, I want security and in the end be able to retire much earlier then 65. And for that you don't really need to maximize the paycheck, even if that would help.
If you work hard on getting on top of your personal finances, that debt you paid off will result in a bigger return per month then most job-changes and after that it will just escalate when that cash flow is put in investments instead.

In the end of the day, a bigger paycheck but lack of discipline will not get you closer to richness.

Of course there are things out of our control that can change the path that we are on, there are situations that would make me change my job, but at the moment it is not the pay (always open for suggestions tho :))

The same goes for investing, I am currently focusing on 2 companies and they are doing great. But from time to time, I get the feeling that I should own other companies as well. But my current strategy involves a focused portfolio and I really haven't found anything else that fits so well. So lets not rush into something that cannot be controlled and keep to the strategy that is in place.

In conclusion, don't rush into change, the workload is the same if not bigger on the other side. But if you have worked your butt off to maximize your current situation and there is nothing more to gain, then by all means go look over the fence for additional challenges that could improve your situation.

I don't really know if any of the above made any sense. It is getting late, 0125 in the night and I am watching the Oscars. So I'll blame my ramblings on that :)
Until next time: Work to Live, Don’t Live to Work

Disclaimer. I am in no way an expert on capital management or investing. On this blog I only wish to share my findings, ideas and comments on current events and fields that interest me. I hope that my thoughts can entertain you. I expect that everyone reading take their time and do their own research before acting on anything read on this blog. Investing is not for everyone. E&OE.

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