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Update, week 5 of pulmonary embolism recovery

picture of my training room setup, update week 5 of pulmonary embolism recovery
Picture of my training room setup. Bike, trainer, computer for Netflix etc.
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An abrupt reminder of mortality.
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Update, week 5 of pulmonary embolism recovery
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Another reminder of mortality (here we go again)

So up to 100% work week this week. It went pretty good actually. I think I was a little extra tired on Monday to Wednesday, but other than that it went pretty good.

On Thursday everything felt good until I sat in the car back home when I started to get a little pain in the lungs, most probably thanks to grocery shopping moments before. I had planned a cycling session for the day so I was in a really bad mood when I came home. First bad mood based on the situation, so far everything has gone quite smooth so I was not expecting a hiccup. After 2 hours of rest I did the cycling session anyway. And it went well. Up to 16 km/h for 15 minutes.

On Friday, I decided to do another session, this time with a little bit higher effort level. Ended up breaking sweat and 18 km/h for 20 minutes.

On Sunday, the first 60 minute session. Average speed 12, but anyway. Feels good.
Bought compression socks this week, and using them after each session as I feel that blood has a little harder to move up from the legs. Maybe that was the cause for this all after all even if they didn't find anything at the hospital. So taking the precautionary route.

All in all, week 5, according to plan. I still try to take it quite easy, not pushing anything because I don't really want a relapse.

Why I write this

I don't write this to feel sorry for myself or whatever. Just to share an experience, maybe ease for someone else that has the same diagnosis. You don't have to be old to get this, I am myself 33. I've always categorized this as something to look forward to when I get older. But life is full of surprises and luckily we humans are capable of adapting :)

Until next time: Work to Live, Don’t Live to Work

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