onsdag 8 augusti 2018

Chemo first cycle

First chemo cycle of eight completed.

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I honestly thought that it would be worse, biggest issues have been with tiredness and nausea. I got a prescription for medicine to help with the nausea but it made me all drowsy... Had to go sleep for an hour and then the rest of the day was in a haze.. so I'll need to ask my doctor if there is any other medicine that could work better.
I've tried to train daily, cycling swimming and weight lifting but some days were just too hot (hottest and dryest summer that I can remember). During the medication cycle training was really hard, i.e. my body was busy with other thing. But now during the pause week, I feel that I am faster on the bike and able to cycle longer distances. So the chemo meds makes things harder...
Today I left blood samples, tomorrow I'll go to the hospital to meet my nurse and receive the medicine for the next 2 week cycle. I will also discuss my sick leave, I really would like to start working again, but I am also a bit scared that I will not be able to complete a full day during a chemo cycle...
Time will tell what will happen, most important now is to get through all the cycles and beat this cancer...

Why I am writing this? Not to feel sorry for myself, but as a way to handle the situation and hopefully someone else out there in a similar situation can find this helpful as well. The human body is strong and hopefully I'll come out of this stronger as well. Plan for the worst and hope for the best!

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