fredag 6 juli 2018

July update, 2018

Part of a series:
Another reminder of mortality
Day 4 - Tumor in my liver
First week - tumor in my liver
Second week - tumor in my liver
Third week with liver cancer
Liver cancer, surgery
6 weeks post-op, news time
Cancer update
Liver cancer, Post-op 2
June Update 2018

Investing: Bank & Candy maker.. Both got a building block this month.

Cancer update: Second surgery turned out to be good. So no tumor left, the doctors will discuss if they'll put in chemo during next week. If so, then it will start ASAP, otherwise its done. So more information during the next week. But so far, knowing that they removed the tumors gives hope : )

The actual surgery wound in my chest has started to heal itself with record speed during the last 10 days meaning there is hope that it will be all healed during this month... I'll be home from work for another month and then try to start working again. Still no energy, evidently my blood value is still pretty low (101).
So far a good start for the month.

Why I am writing this? Not to feel sorry for myself, but as a way to handle the situation and hopefully someone else out there in a similar situation can find this helpful as well. The human body is strong and hopefully I'll come out of this stronger as well. Plan for the worst and hope for the best!

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