onsdag 21 mars 2018

6 weeks post-op, news time

Yesterday we went to visit the hospital in Gothenburg to get the results from the surgery and the plan forward for after-treatment.

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6 weeks post-op, news time
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Actually we ended up travelling already on Monday and shopping a bit in Gothenburg and eating a very nice dinner at HAK Restaurant at Scandic Europe.
So, yesterday. News time from the doctors about the cellular analysis of the bit that they carved out 6 weeks ago. We had prepared some questions about the 2 options that we were given beforehand (i.e. chemo or liver-transplant) but it ended up being the 3rd option that the doctors went by instead.

So, the tumor had started to spread. The tumor had been 2 cm long, and the extra margin of 2 cm on each side of it that the surgeon had taken might not be enough. He said that it is hard to say if they got it all or if there is still some part of it that made it outside the margin area (even though they burned all the cuts, there is a risk). So, probably end up with a new surgery in 6 weeks time. Not 100% decided yet, but the surgeon was on that line and so am I honestly, I don't want to 'lets chance that it is all gone'....
So basically they removed the V & VIII parts last time, but there is a risk that the tumor was spreading towards VI & VII ... so the plan is to remove them as well, leaving me with half a liver...

Eventually I would gain 80-85% liver capacity as the part that is left will grow in size to compensate.

Next step, another CT-scan of the liver, followed by another conference with the specialists where they decide the way forward. Followed by another pre-operation procedure, i.e. whole day meeting surgeons and anesthetist some day before the surgery.

So, what to expect... Being tired up to 3 months after the surgery.. Can't complete my own goal of riding TreBerg 180K cycle event... Have to reset my goal to be in best physical shape as possible in 6 weeks in preparation for the eventual operation. I.e. back on the training bike and walks etc. Pushing a little at a time.

Still not 100% back from the last operation, physically I think I am getting back, I can ride my bike on the trainer (lowest gears and really slow at the moment, but I am riding the bike) and able to take longer and faster walks. But the mind-f*ck of these backlashes is starting to take its toll. So home for another 2 weeks and then back to work 50% until the surgery, I don't think that I'd be able to focus at work for 8 hours straight at the moment. Gotten some tear attacks (i.e. when I get really sad for 10 seconds and tears in my eyes and then back to normal, from nothing special) again yesterday and today, first ones in 2 weeks so it shows that there was a blow on my unconscious part even though I actively try to focus on getting well.

Hospital will get me someone to talk to, other then my family. Might do some good. Never actually liked the idea but after this not going the way we thought it would and things are starting to get into my mind I think that it probably is a good thing.

Why I am writing this? Not to feel sorry for myself, but as a way to handle the situation and hopefully someone else out there in a similar situation can find this helpful as well. The human body is strong and hopefully I'll come out of this stronger as well. Plan for the worst and hope for the best!

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