tisdag 2 januari 2018

Update, 12 months after pulmonary embolism

So a year has passed since I went to the hospital with blood clot in my lungs

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Update, 12 months after pulmonary embolism
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Things that I've had to change in my life

The daily routine is back to normal and has been that way for more then 6 months. These days I don't even think about the medication, only drawback is that I have to get up from bed early to take the medicine even on a day off.
I gave up mountain-biking. Pretty much decided to sell the bike the minute they told me to not hit my head. I do still have my racer, and run and gym. But for example now in the winter I've been a bit restrictive in running when it is slippery outside, not that I've ever fallen but just do not think that it is worth the risk.


Yep, got the results from my doctor and she told me to buckle up and keep eating xarelto for the rest of my life. I pretty much was set on that from the beginning so it was no real shock.
For now I am planning and training for my next 180 km challenge on the bike, so back to a tight training plan.

I do not think of anything else to write, things are back to normal and I enjoy life fully. Just thought I'd do an update.

Why I write this

I don't write this to feel sorry for myself. Just to share an experience, maybe ease for someone else that has the same diagnosis. You don't have to be old to get this, I was 33. I've always categorized this as something to look forward to when I get older. But life is full of surprises and luckily we humans are capable of adapting :)

Until next time: Work to Live, Don’t Live to Work

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