fredag 5 januari 2018

2017 in hindsight and moving forward

2017 in hindsight

I almost died! Fudge! No kidding, I almost died! I got blod clot in my lungs one year ago and ended up in the hospital. Evidently people can die of that condition and I was lucky to receive threatment in time... Luckily I did and now I am on Xarelto medication for the rest of my life as evidently I have a hightened risk for blood clots. Fun things. But anyhow, trying to be positive as that doesn't really affect my everyday life.
So.. positive things..
We got married in 2017.. After ten years together we finally took the step. Was the best party in a long time.

So how did the investments go in 2017?
Not bad, my portfolio followed the OMX30 index pretty close in the year total. I would say a good growth of 9.5%. Also the dividends were pretty good and everything got reinvested. A lot of the investing is going on autopilot these days, so I do not really think that much about it. Try to read a report or two from competitors to the companies that I am invested in but otherwise.. No panic, waiting on the big downturn.

Moving forward

Setting goals for 2018 is a hard nut to crack. I am quite happy where I am in life at the moment. Work flows on, the pay is not extraordinary but it is good enough, the team I work in is the best and I actually look forward to going to work.
So far, if nothing major happens in the world I think that 2018 will be a boring year with the goal to stick to my plan to invest each month and I don't know.. Continue renovating the house.

So nothing huge this time. Happy investing in 2018!

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