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Financial Freedom

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Financial freedom, and how to achieve it. In previous posts I've tried to tell our story and how we gained a little peace of mind regarding the issue.
I know that my better half tends to linger on the subject of money and still stresses a bit for example if one of us is sick and would receive a smaller paycheck the coming month. But during the 2 years that we have followed the plan, we have started to figure out that we can manage through quite a bit of financial stress and even though we still think about it (a good thing), we are not stressed about it.

So how to reach it? How to stop stressing about money? I guess it depends on who you are, but for most just starting a savings account and buffer could do the trick.

A lot of people argue that they cannot afford putting away money. It seems to be the same kind of people that argue that they cannot change any of the situations that they are currently in. But you know, strength of character cannot be taught. And if an individual is not ready to make a change, then it cannot be pushed upon them either. It is a bit like the old proverb (or maybe not so old)
When the Student Is Ready the Teacher Will Appear
It is a little like trying to stop smoking, most people know that smoking is a bad habit and know that they should probably quit. But, a big but, they have not made the decision to quit. A whole business area is built around the fact that people know they should quit. And a lot of the advertising is rubbing in the fact that it is hard to quit without their products. In reality it seems that their product only prolong the addiction to nicotine in some way.
I have a lot of people around me that say that they will quit next week, they will quit together with someone else, they will do this and that. But nothing happens, as they have not made the decision. They have not owned the problem. For us, when we quit it was quite easy when we made the decision. It actually didn't take that much strength.
And my view of things it is the same thing with your financial freedom. When you decide that you need to do something about it, the change will come naturally.
Maybe you end up selling stuff on e-bay just to get started but you will do it for yourself and by your own free will.

But I guess that if you are reading by blog you are already interested in the subject. :)

Until next time: Work to Live, Don’t Live to Work

Disclaimer. I am in no way an expert on capital management or investing. On this blog I only wish to share my findings, ideas and comments on current events and fields that interest me. I hope that my thoughts can entertain you. I expect that everyone reading take their time and do their own research before acting on anything read on this blog. Investing is not for everyone. E&OE.

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