torsdag 24 november 2016

Extra income, Christmas times

winter landscape in the evening, snow covered trees and a little hut with lights in the window

It's that time of the year again. I'm not much of a holiday person myself, but my better half has a real thing for it.
So this weekend we will participate at a Christmas market at a local farm house. The idea, is to sell a lot of stuff. From wooden Santa's to home made candy and homemade bird food..
So. Just thought that I'd share, if you have the time and the know-how then look around the country-side of where you live to find something similar and see if you could participate as a seller. (few refuse if you are really interested.

So some things to keep in mind when preparing (learnt from previous years)
  • Make sure you know the opening hours, in our case its 4 hours.
  • Make sure you have enough items to sell for the whole opening hours, if you sell out the first 15 minutes chances are that you are not welcome next time.
  • Ask how many people are expected, and past experiences from previous years
  • Bring extra change, ask around if you are unsure.
  • Set prices at even intervals, for easier money handling. I.e. $2 instead of $1.95
  • Be ready to use new technologies, in Sweden for example Swish is an excellent compliment to cash handling.
  • Be sure you know about local regulations, and taxes that might affect you. It is your responsibility, not the arranger.
  • If you say it is home-made, be sure that it is.
If your participation goes well, be sure to check for other happenings. Many venues have family days in the spring and maybe a harvest market in the fall. 

That's all for this time. Hope this gave you some ideas.For more ideas, check out my other post on Tips to finding extra income sources!

Good luck!

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