torsdag 8 mars 2018

My current plan, Mars 2018

Greetings from a snowy Sweden, during the previous week we have had at -15C!

I don't know about my decision last month. I did not do my research as I always do, I did not read all the reports for the 10 last years and I think I did the wrong move. Oh well, I guess I will live with the decision and time will tell if it was a good one or a bad one. Speculation, not investment... I guess I was stressed about everything else that was going on at the same time...
In hindsight I should just have bought the index instead of diversifying into another company. But oh well. In the long run I guess this will turn out good, just not going to put more money on it.

So a new rule:
If you are unsure, buy the index. 
Pretty much the best practice I tell others to do. But ... ah, a new month with new opportunities.

Last few weeks (since February 5th) I've really not been paying attention to anything as I went through a large liver surgery where they removed a cancer tumor. Just tried to take it easy and get more energy and heal up. So today I did some catching up on the companies.

This month I will again put the building block into the bank, the candy maker is still a little high in price from the extra dividend payout I guess. No real news from any of the companies since the reports in January.

Until next time: Challenge yourself to do something new

Disclaimer. I am in no way an expert on capital management or investing. On this blog I only wish to share my findings, ideas and comments on current events and fields that interest me. I hope that my thoughts can entertain you. I expect that everyone reading take their time and do their own research before acting on anything read on this blog. Investing is not for everyone. E&OE.

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