fredag 7 april 2017

My current plan, 2017 April

This is a day of sorrow, this is the day when Sweden got targeted in a terror attack.
I do not have words, got the information around 1530 when I was leaving work. Apparently a truck rammed a busy shopping street (walking street) and. 15 hurt and 4 dead as we speak.
Svd published a lot of pictures that tell stories.

Currently following the events unfold on live TV.

My biggest fear is that this will boost the racist trolls that are taking over in Sweden. There are extremists in every society, country, political wing and religion. Don't fight refugees, fight extremism.
I do hope that the Swedish government acts in a calm way.

As this is my planned 'My current plan' I have to do this update as well as during my lunch break (3 hours before the attack) I followed my original plan and bought more shares in my favorite candy shop. This time the buy was boosted by this years dividend payouts. The dividend payout was 3 times more then last year. A good result but it is dimmed by today's events and I really do not want to think about economics today.

My thoughts are with the families of the victims of the attack. Be strong!
Be sure to follow #openstockholm on twitter where people are helping each other, actually genuine caring. Warms my hearth.

Be strong!

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