tisdag 17 januari 2017

Your problems are yours to solve

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A little rash title but really. They are your and yours only to solve.... :)

How often have you heard a dialogue that goes something like this:

Person 1: I have this big problem that stresses me out and no one is doing anything about it
Person 2: OK, have you tried to...
Person 1: No, it's no use... Because this and that prevents me.

I am really tired of hearing these kinds of reasoning from people and nowadays I tend to just walk away. I don't want to get dragged into the negative spiral.

Don’t waste your energy on things you can’t change. Walk away from toxic people and hopeless situations.

So what can you do to prevent yourself from being that lost cause that people walk away from?
Some steps to follow in situations like the above:

Create a Plan

Create a plan on how to tackle a problem, if it is a bigger problem then break it into smaller sub-goals. Once you see that the step to start making progress is small, it becomes easier to take it.

Act on the plan

When you start to work on the problem, people around you will react, you will start to receive feedback. Both positive and negative.
By nature, feedback is always good. If you want to do something great you need to listen on the feedback you get and make decisions on how to respond or not to respond.
If the reactions are negative, but you are sure on your thing. Ignore them.

The reason why feedback is good is because it means that people are noticing that whatever it is that you do, is changing something that impacts them.

Re-evaluate your goals

Actively evaluate the effort you put in towards the end goal.

If the struggle is still worth it 

Continue with your plan.
Winged words from a video game meme:
If video games have taught me anything, it's that if you encounter enemies, you are going the right way

If it is not..  

It is OK to stop. In that case you have tried something, learned a lot and gained experience. So in the end you walk away with gains that can be used in your next project.

The key here is to stop wasting energy on the issue if you cannot change it. Don't blame it one someone else.

Let go gracefully and focus on your next project.


If the issue is at your workplace, initiate a dialogue with your manager. If your manager is the one that is negative towards your goals... then you have the choice to work elsewhere. This is your choice and you can make it. There is nothing more toxic then working at a workplace where you do not have your own manager holding your back. Just find something that suites your goals better. 

Cat tax bonus

Thanks for reading. I hope this helps someone out there. 

Until next time: Work to Live, Don’t Live to Work

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