fredag 14 oktober 2016

My Current Plan, 2016 October

As I've hinted in previous posts, I don't follow the diversified investing strategy or invest in index funds myself. I still think that that is the best risk averse way to invest, perfect for your retirement plan or when you are saving for your kids and most of all when you do not want to put any real time into it.

That being said... I have too much time..

So, after reading a lot on the subject. Going through Graham, Buffet and numerous books that I don't remember the names of, that could be the subject of another post I devised my own strategy.
So lets go through the overall ideas that influenced me to form my own plan.

There is no one way to wealth, everyone do it in their own way

Some preach diversification, others are into value investing and then again others only want dividend payers. Buy only companies that are cheaper than the money they have in the bank, or buy into big well proven companies that are stable. Buy and hold or Buy and sell?
So there is no single path to riches.

There is no such thing as market timing.

At least not in the long run and I am in it for the long run.
This seems to be the least common denominator that everyone agrees on. Everyone meaning the authors and investors that have a horizon of a decade or five.
Graham didn't have to time the market as he basically bought the whole basket and then micromanaged that portfolio to see when things were ripe for harvest. Others buy at a nice price (not always the best) and hold the investment for a long period and see it grown.

What I look for

Do I trust the management to drive the company forward into a money maker for me?

Dividend payout
I.e. a cash flow that can be re-invested. And when time comes, a cash flow that can substitute a full time job or 2. Best deal if it has a long term increased dividend strategy.

I can figure out how they make money
This is key. I don't want buy into a company if it is in a field that I don't know about. If it is unclear how the money gets created, then it is a no.

A Great Company
I don't want to go through the endless waves of small unknown companies that may become the next [insert any skyrocketing company here from your local financial news]. I want a boring old money maker with a well recognized brand that is out there and has 'always' been. Think Coca-cola.

Does not ask shareholders for a cash-in from time to time
Another no way. Steady long term business that is able to finance itself and pay a dividend.

Not my employer
I like my employer, I like working for them. But, a big but if.. If they go out of business and I loose my job, I don't want to loose my investment at the same time. Or the other way around. Just think about it. You see your investment go into ruins and the next day you get fired. Not an ideal situation. I don't buy my employer.

Is  better than the ones I already have?
If the proposed return of investment isn't better then from worst company I already own, then I might just as well buy more of the ones I know of.

When to I plan to sell

Never :)
But honestly, no.. I do not have an exit plan. I do have an emergency plan for when the

Management turns sour
As time goes by, the management team of a company change their members or the bigger shareholders want a change and it may turn out to be in a direction that I am not comfortable with. When trust is lost, that's when I might sell. Emergency plan, not an exit.

Until that happens, the market may do whatever it likes. If I trust my companies, then I'll hold on to them. Preferably for me would be if the market thinks the worst, as it just gives me an opportunity to buy more shares at a cheaper price.

So. That was a summary of the strategy that I follow. Currently holding 2 companies and buying more of them every month. Until something better comes up, I'll stick to those two.

Hope this gives some ideas to other people starting out in building their own future :)

Disclaimer. I am in no way an expert on capital management or investing. On this blog I only wish to share my findings, ideas and comments on current events and fields that interest me. I hope that my thoughts can entertain you. I expect that everyone reading take their time and do their own research before acting on anything read on this blog. Investing is not for everyone. E&OE.

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